How much do wigs cost? This question seems to be on everyone's lips as the trend of using wigs has significantly seen an upsurge especially due to many pop stars and celebrities using wigs. The main factors that influence the price of a wig are:

• Quality of the material.

• The hair type be it natural hair or synthetic hair, African American, Caucasian type, Asian type or a blend of synthetic and human hair.

• The length of the hair length, which usually comes in three sizes- long, medium, and short.

• Color of the wig.

• The hairstyle the wig follows.

• The manufacturing process of the wig, a wig can be either hand tied individually or mass produced.

• The cap of the wig, it can be either monofilament, lace front, or cap-less, although there are some other options available.

• Brand name.

• Hair texture of the wig – it can be either straight, curly, or wavy.

• Size of the cap; the usual sizes are – averagely sized, average-small sized, average-large sized, petite or tiny sized, large sized, petite average sized, or ultra-petite sized.

• Whether the wig is heat friendly or not.

The Price of The Right Wig

Everyone interested in buying wigs asks - How much do human hair wigs cost? However, what they don’t realize is that human hair wigs which are created by hand-crafting and have a mono-filament cap are usually the most expensive and they are really hard to maintain. So, the actual question one should ask before asking – ‘How much do real hair wigs cost?’ Is – ‘Do I have the time and money to afford such a wig? The most inexpensive wigs are synthetic hair wigs which are usually worn for entertainment purposes (Halloween parties, stage performances, etc.), and not for daily use as they look unnatural and do are easily worn out. So only after assessing the user’s needs and requirements can a reasonable price be set on a wig.

Synthetic Wigs


These usually fall in the price range of $27 - $400 USD or more. Short Synthetic wigs fall in the $28 - over $310 price range. Medium sized Synthetic wigs fall in the $27 - $353 price range. Long synthetic wigs usually cost $30 - $400 USD. Synthetic monofilament wigs are priced around $90 to $333.

Human Hair Wigs

The price range of human hair wigs can vary from $40 USD $1340 or even more. Natural short wigs are usually priced around the $40 - $388 mark. Natural medium length wigs can cost up to a $1000. Natural lace front wigs are usually priced $170 - $1340 USD and even more. Natural monofilament wigs are the costliest and their prices can vary from $375 - $1250.

The cost of a good wig can vary from $50 to a whopping $3000. It all depends on the user’s needs. Regardless of the price, the user should first look for quality in a wig which should serve at least up to six months.

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