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Outre BATIK Rouge™

Batik Rouge

Phone, clutch, lipstick, Batik Rouge. It’s the new must-have, must-try all-in-one set with a bonus 4" Deep Lace Parting Piece for the most seamless finish. Beautified with coconut oil for natural luster, this is the hair for the girls who are big on style, glam, and volume. Available in a range of styles from sleek straight to bouncy waves, and spiraling curls, Batik Rouge will keep you looking your finest without a high-end price tag.

Outre Batik Rouge Human Hair Blend Weave Kit Ocean Body 18/20/20/22 + Lace Parting Closure from $22.88
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Outre Batik Rouge Synthetic Blend Weave Kit Loose Body 14/16/18/20 + Lace Parting Closure from $22.88
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