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Afri Naptural Synthetic Crochet Braid 3D CUBIC TWIST JUMBO 20"

Get an amazing 3D split twist look with Cubic Twist

Remy Feel

When you’re in the mood for a bold transformation, Elevate Styles ensures that plenty of options are just a click away. For example, 3D Jumbo Cubic Twists can provide just the right look to turn heads.

Afri Naptural Crochet Braid 3D Split Cubic Twist offers a versatile style. With 20 inches of crochet braids, there's plenty of hair to work with, giving you room to experiment. The pre-twisted look can be adjusted if necessary. Twist out the hair to give your style more volume. The hair is also in a pre-curl, so you can save time and skip the hot water set process.

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