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E'TAE Natural Products Carmelux - Silk Protein Conditioner 12oz.


• Sulfate Free

• Cleanses gently and thoroughly

• Protects hair strands

• Strengthens hair strands

• Repairs damage

• Restores luster back into the hair

• Embeds a natural shine

• Promotes a healthy scalp


• Wet hair thoroughly before applying

• When applying, apply to roots first and then lathering throughout your hair.

• Work up a high lather before massaging

• Hair may not lather on first wash but will still clean the hair

• Massage VERY WELL, all over

• *IMPORTANT* If your hair had a build up prior to shampooing, allow the shampoo to sit for 10 mins to dissolve the build up

• *IMPORTANT* If you are taking out braids or weaves, allow the shampoo to sit in for 10 mins to dissolve the build up

• Rinse well until the water runs clear

• If you're taking out braids or a weave, allow your shampoo to sit dissolve any build up that may be on your hair


Wet hair, apply shampoo, massage well, repeat, then follow with Carmelux Conditioner.