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Mane Concept Frontal Lace Brown Sugar 13x4 Lace Front Wig BSF05

Mane Concept Frontal Lace Brown Sugar Lace Front WigBSF05 | ELEVATESTYLES


Brown sugar versatile freedom parts lace frontal wig, features long feathered straight layered style with a yaky natural soft texture you cannot resist. Our Brown Sugar finger and skin friendly frontal Lace is sophisticatedly hand-tied knotted into a deep 13x4 hexagonal honeycomb patterned to accuate.BSF05 styles look more extraordinary revealing Strands tied to a sheer lace front recreate a natural hairline allowing to show-off your beautiful forehead.. Feel free to achieve any styles with this phenomenal trendsetting lace wig hair.

Front : 14” Top : 15”
Crown : 15” Upper Back : 17”
Nape : 2” Sides : 13”
Finish Length : 24”
Weight : 6.8 oz Extended Strap : YES